Making an Impakt

A key goal for us as architects in Bedford is to add value to our local community.

We are particularly interested in helping to create homes for those in most need, not just those with the deepest pockets. A local charity called IMPAKT does exactly that, providing homes and vital support to help people get from homelessness back into normal life. the charity currently houses over 200 people in Bedford and Luton aged between 16 and 65.

Midland House

Matt and I were lucky to be given a tour around IMPAKT’s Midland House property in Luton last year and it blew us away. Not just the building, but the passion shown by their in-house team in tackling homelessness. It was very inspiring.

It’s easy to misunderstand homelessness and to turn the other way, thinking it’s not something that affects you. But access to affordable housing is a significant and growing problem in this country and homelessness is a universal challenge:

“Whether it’s relationship breakdown, a series of unforeseen life events, decline in mental health, loss of income or a systemic problems including a lack of affordable housing. People can find themselves forced onto the streets, as part of the wider hidden community of sofa-surfers, or living in unsatisfactory temporary accommodation.”

IMPAKT does an awful lot more than provide housing for the homeless too. You can read here about how it supports those suffering from domestic abuse, provide food, deliver skills training and much more.

Matt and I decided to help IMPAKT raise some much needed funds to support their charity work.


We’re donning our running shoes, shorts and non-chafing (hopefully) vests to run the Bedford Twilight 10k at the Bedford Running Festival.

10k doesn’t sound like a long way.

But it’s going to be a challenge. The pace of my first training run wasn’t much quicker than my walking speed and I only managed 3k. I haven’t done much more than run around the block for years.

If you would like to support us – and we sincerely hope you will – then please click on the links below to make a donation. The suggested donations go from £15 – £500, but don’t feel you need to spend the whole £500 ; – )

Click here to support Andy

Click here to support Matt

Please make sure you select IMPAKT Housing and Support from the drop down menu before making your donation.

You can find out more about IMPAKT’s Midland House scheme in Luton in the short video below.

You can also see their more recently opened home in Bedford in the short film below:

We believe IMPAKT is doing a great job and are worthy of some support. We hope you agree and here are the links again to make a donation and to encourage us to get ready for the Bedford Twilight 10k run.

Click here to support Andy

Click here to support Matt