We are always happy to work with those planning a self-build project or a grand design.

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Building a perfect home that’s designed to fit your lifestyle is never an easy journey. The road to a self-build utopia is as exciting as it is challenging.

With all construction projects, getting the right Architect in place is essential and will help you to achieve the best result.

What we do.

As architects, we like to guide our self-build clients at every stage of their project, helping them to make design decisions that will produce their perfect home.

You can see in the above images an example of a recent self-build project where we designed using 3D models to help our clients make decisions. You can see below a floor plan from this project. We like to produce floor plans in colour so that our clients can easily understand the design:

Self Build Floor Plan

We work throughout the RIBA Plan of Work (you can read about that here), designing buildings that perfectly match our clients’ requirements, helping them to achieve planning consent, defining the best construction method, finding and appointing professional consultants and much more.

In short, as architects, we help our clients to make the many decisions required as they bring their grand designs to life.

We guide you at every stage of your project, designing everything from where you sleep, eat, and watch the telly to where the washing gets done and the dog sleeps.

Why you should choose us.

When choosing an architect, it helps to understand their design style and how they work.

In terms of design style, we focus on modern architecture. We love clean lines, natural materials, exposed timber, multifunctional spaces, and natural light.

We care deeply for the environmental impact of our buildings and try to design with energy efficiency and carbon neutrality in mind. We believe this affects the well-being of our clients and our planet.

We like to work with a design team of construction professionals. We believe the right professionals can make or break a project, and the right combination of skills is crucial. We manage this team for our clients, taking the complexity out of a project and helping them to make better decisions.

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