Sustainability Policy

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As we are increasingly aware of the dangers of climate change, it is time for businesses and society to put sustainability at the very top of their agenda. The current industrial, economic and social systems are creating problems that will manifest in the present and immediate future. We believe as a business we can and should make a difference in both the way we conduct business and in the buildings we design.

Accordingly, we will consider the triple bottom line in all of our business activities, aiming to make a positive contribution to poeple and society, the planet and our environment, alongside the profits that enable the success of our business.

What does this mean in practice?

We have a range of environmental, social and financial strategies that help us to reduce our impact and give something positive back to the world.

Key Planet and Environmental Strategies:

We are working towards being an environmentally responsible company. We are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact by integrating best practices into as much of our business activities as possible and continually reviewing our policies and processes. This includes the following key steps:

Key People and Society Strategies:

Key Profit / Financial Strategies:

Policy Notes

This Sustainability Policy is regularly reviewed and updated as required. Overall responsibility for this policy and the implementation thereof lies with Andy Bargery.

This Sustainability Policy was adopted on 14th May 2021.

This Sustainability Policy was last reviewed on 31st January 2022.